Beef and Pork producers can call Diller Locker to set up an appointment for the processing of their animal.  The schedule is booked on average from 4 to 6 weeks in advance.  From August until January, the schedule can be booked up to 6-12 weeks out, so please call as soon as possible.  

Diller Locker does not process beef and pork during a 3 week period in November to allow time and space for venison processing.


Anyone who would like to purchase a beef may do so by giving us a call.  We use only a select few producers for our high quality beef.  Call us to order a whole, half or quartered beef cut to your specifications.  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks, or sometimes longer depending on the schedule, for us to complete your order. 


Removal of head, blood, hide, and inedible parts of the animal.  This accounts for about 40% of the live weight.  

After Slaughter, the carcass will weigh considerably less than before. 

Estimated percentage remaining for beef is approximately a 60% yield from live weight to carcass weight.



If you choose to get a front or hind quarter, you'll only get certain cuts.  If you'd like cuts from both, buy a half and find someone to share a Split Quarter with.

Front Quarter - Possible Cuts

Rib Steak, Chuck Roast, Arm Roasts, Hamburger, Short Ribs, Soup Bones, Liver, Heart, Tongue

Hind Quarter - Possible Cuts

Round, Sirloin, T-Bone, Rump Roast, Tip Roast, Hamburger, Soup Bones, Liver, Heart, Tongue


If you do not want any cuts from the round, you may choose to grind for hamburger or save for use in specialty products.  The following are options for the Round.

Regular Round Steak

Each cut serves 3-5

Not as tender as other steaks

1 cut per package

Tenderized Round - tenderizing charges apply

Regular Round cut in half and tenderized.

Packaging: 2 strips (1 whole Round) per package

Minute Steaks (Cubed Steaks) - tenderizing charges apply


Single Serving Size (whole Round cut in 1/4)

Great for Chicken Fried Steak


At least 2 cuts per package are required. While 3/4" to 1" are the most common thickness, we'll cut steaks any size you'd like. (no thinner than 1/2") Required Specifications: Desired thickness and Quantity per package.


Boneless cut. Due to large size we cut in half for convenience.

T-Bone or Strips & Fillets

One side is a bone-in Strip Steak, the other side is a portion of Fillet. May be cut into boneless Strips and Fillets.  

Strip Steaks are also known as Kansas City Strips or New York Strips. Fillets, also known as Filet Mignon, can be bacon wrapped upon request (extra cost for bacon).

Rib Steak or Ribeye and Prime Rib Roast

Regular Rib Steak is left with the Bone-In.  If you prefer boneless steaks, choose Ribeyes, which have been de-boned. If you choose to get Ribeye, you also have the option of getting Prime Rib Roast. You may choose Ribeye and/or Prime Rib together or choose Rib Steak alone.


Rump, Tip, and Arm are the better quality roast.  If you don't want all the roast possible, choose "Better only" and the lesser quality will be ground for trim meat/hamburger instead.  Instead of better or all possible you may instead choose only the specific cuts you want.


All trim meat is put towards hamburger or specialty products.  Hamburger is packaged in sleeves fastened with metal clips.  If you prefer, hamburger can be vacuum packaged upon request.  1, 1 1/2 and 2 pound packages are available.  Hamburger is usually 85% lean.  If you require a leaner quality please indicate so in the comments section. Grinding charges apply.


Patties can be made from your hamburger.  Minimum quantity is 10 lbs., 4 per package.  Patties are 1/4 lb.  All patties are vacuum packaged.  Grinding and patty charges apply.


Save or grind for trim meat.


Take from Roast.  Cut into chunks and packaged to your specs.  Extra charges apply.


Neck bones are used for Soup Bones.  If you choose not to get soup bones, the meat will be used toward trim meat.


Offal include liver, heart, and tongue.  We must know BEFORE day of slaughter if you want these items, otherwise they are discarded.


All specialty products are fully cooked and vacuum packaged.  Note: Choosing specialty products will take away from the total quantity of other cuts.  If there is not enough meat to fulfill cuts and specialty products requested, we will NOT fill the specialty product order, unless otherwise noted.  If you have any questions please call.  Please pay attention to the yield of the final product to determine the final cost.  Extra charges apply.

Dried Beef

Come from Round.  Choose sliced for thicker pieces or slivered deli thin.

Minimum Quantity: 10 lbs.

Package size: 1 lb.

*Please note Dried Beef shrinks when cooked and yields approximately 70%.  You will be charged for the starting weight.

Summer Sausage (regular, cheddar or jalapeno) 

Taken from trim meat (hamburger)

Minimum Quantity: 15 lbs. 

Package size: 1lb.

Ring Bologna

Taken from trim meat (hamburger)

Minimum Quantity: 15 lbs.

Package size: 1 lb.

*Please note you will be charged for a higher quantity based on the yield of the finished product.


Taken from Round or Roasts.  Fully cooked and barbequed, ready to warm and serve.  

Convenient for parties and special occasions; graduations, weddings, etc.

Minimum Quantity: 10 lbs.

Package size: 1 lb. package up to bulk size (upon request)

*Please note, BBQ shrinks when cooked and yields approximately 70%.  You will be charged for the starting weight.

Beef Sticks (regular or jalapeno)

Beef Jerky Ground/Formed

Taken from trim meat (Hamburger)

Minimum Quantity: 15 lbs.

Approximately 1 lb. pkgs

*Please note, Beef Sticks shrink when cooked and yield approximately 65%.  You will be charged for the starting weight.

Slab Jerky (whole muscle)

Taken from the Round

Minimum Quantity: 10 lbs.

Packaged based on the yield.

*Please note, Slab Jerky shrinks when cooked and yields approximately 40%.  You will be charged for the starting weight.

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