Are you an entrepreneur that has a product idea and customers but not the production capabilities to meet the demand? We offer Co-packing services in our processing facility, on a limited basis to help you get your product in the hands of customers everywhere. 


The process of adding a new Co-packing customer is very exciting to us! In order to build a successful business relationship, all details must make sense for both the customer and the processor. Here are a few criteria that we consider before pursuing a potential client:


  • Does the product recipe and process generally fit within the scope of what we already do?

  • Can the prospective client supply or source the necessary raw materials and uncommon ingredients?

  • Does the product have an established market with a real sales history which to base future sales projections?


Minimum volume may vary. In the event that your product or idea is not a good fit for us, not to worry, we have an extensive network of experienced processors nationwide and would love to set you up with one that fits your needs. After all, we want you to be successful, even if it's not with us! Contact us today to see if your product fits our capabilities.