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Our Story

Established in 2015, we set out to build a business focused on quality processing and exceptional service to our loyal customers. November 2015, we opened the doors of our new slaughter facility located on the south side of town. In May 2019, we purchased what was previously C&C Processing. We currently staff 40 employees and offer 23,000 sqft. of production and a 12,000 sqft. warehouse. 
Throughout our journey we have stayed true to our core value that our customers are the cornerstone to our success. To earn your business and better serve existing customers, we constantly strive to continue our education and training to keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in our industry.

At Diller Locker, our mission is "to provide our customers with the highest quality processing possible matched with exceptional service from pen to plate."™ 

Check us out today and let Diller Locker prove to you that we are the next big name in meat processing!

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Jesse Smith - Founder 

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